The faculty traces its history from 1944 when the first training of historians began. At that time the faculty of History was created. In 1956 the training of historians was stopped. In 1969 Gomel teacher’s college was transformed into the Gomel state university, the department of History had been created, and the training of historians had been renewed. In 1988 the department became an independent faculty. On the basis of the faculty, the department of Law was created in 1991. In 1992 the faculty was renamed into the faculty of History and Law, and in July 1998 it was separated into two independent faculties: the faculty of History and the faculty of Law. In 2004 the department of Philosophy was included into the faculty structure. The faculty comprises four departments: History of Belarus, General history, History of the Slaves and Philosophy. Teaching and educational process is conducted by 38 staff teachers, two of them are the doctors of science, 25 are the candidates of science, and 423 students are being trained. The basic education of the teachers corresponds to the discipline being taught. The faculty graduates acquire the following specialities: «Domestic and general history» and «History. English language». Students who are interested in and have abilities for scientific research can continue training for an MA degree. The faculty provides training for an MA degree since 2002. Upon graduation the academic degree “Master of Pedagogical Science” or “Master of Humanitarian Science” is awarded to the graduates.
3000 students have been trained at the faculty since its existence. The training process is carried out in two ways: internal tuition (5 years) and tuition by correspondence (6 years). Graduates can obtain a job in sphere of education, in museums, archives, high schools, research institutes, public organizations and enterprise structures. Many students carry out research work under the supervision of highly skilled teachers in the fields of archeology, history of Gomelshchiny, political parties and movements of Belarus. Students’ research work promotes development of their professional qualities. It is no coincidence that every third student of the faculty – is an active participant of SRWS.
Students are also engaged in practical work.
Along with teaching, teachers conduct scientific researches. The following problems are being explored: the problems of archeology, the study of local lore, the history of political parties and movements of Belarus, contemporary history of Germany and Poland, the place of the youth in modern society.